“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

― Amelia Earhart

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what is an


noun an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

verb engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.

Best places to hike in

North America

🏕 Glacier National Park
⛺️ Yosemite
🏕 Yellow Stone
⛺️ Zion National Park
🏕 Grand Canyon
⛺️ Jasper National Park

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If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.

Without Distractions

The bond is greater

Setting aside a few hours or days with your loved ones, without distractions, can help you establish good communication habits. Turn off the television, put away your electronic devices, and spend some quality time together away from home. Your family needs to know that you value them as a priority in your life, despite the numerous distractions and stressors that may arise.

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Teaching kids about


Mother Nature is an excellent teacher, and getting children outside to learn and play is beneficial to both their minds and bodies.

Contact with nature is more important today because children spend nearly 8 hours per day using entertainment media and only 6% of children aged 9 to 13 play outside on their own. We risk losing an entire generation's understanding of how nature works and what it requires to remain healthy and productive.

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Do I need trecking poles?

A trekking pole (also known as a hiking pole) is basically a ski pole with a handle that you use when hiking. Trekking poles are almost always used in pairs. There is also something called a hiking staff (also known as a hiking stick) that is a single pole. Most hikers go with two trekking poles over a hiking staff.

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